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Advent Beeswax Candles

Made by hand with LOVE and CARE...

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Advent Begins Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

We have found that the most popular day to buy Advent Candles always seems to be the day after Thanksgiving. As we put all of our harvest decorations away and begin planning for the next event, we look at the calendar and realize Advent begins soon... Be prepared and order your candles early.

Our Advent Candles Are Custom Made...

Do you have a difficult time finding candles to fit your Advent Wreath? Having trouble because your candle holders are a not a standard size? Not to worry! Our candles are hand rolled, one at a time, so we can make them to fit in any sized holder. We also have several different heights to choose from.

Beeswax Is 100% Natural...

Beeswax is the only naturally existing wax on earth. We only use cotton wick, so you can rest assured that you are burning a candle that's safe, non toxic, and environmentally friendly. 100% pure beeswax candles are clean burning with a bright flame, the perfect candle for the Advent Season!